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Ri'aK [userpic]

"Belief in an ultimate good is an anathema to morality, for finite amounts of evil are therefore as nothing in comparison and thus easily tolerated or quietly ignored."

Current Location: United Kingdom, Leicester
Todays personality problem is: moodymoody
Ri'aK [userpic]

DarkscapE has been cancelled. General dwindling of numbers at Ret and a general apathy in the local scene principally to blame. My thanks to ChrisT, Doug and Neal for including me in this ride, I had some great times...

I've not given up on the idea of a Industrial/Goth night in Leicester, but I can't see how things can proceed now. After all if some of the best local DJs are fed up with the scene then how can you get the rest of them moving?

Well I'm not defeated yet, but it does look like going out to a decent night may need a farther trip afield now :-(

Ri'aK [userpic]

Apparently it's Retributions Birthday this Saturday and there may be cannibals and grass skirts or something. Also there shall be a chance to see an inebriated riak try to remember how the decks work after a long absence!

I have been recruiting patrons by a painstaking process of word of mouth and have over a dozen promises of attendance based on that alone. All I need now is for YOU (Yes YOU) to attend as well ;-)

Goth, Industrial, EBM and other dark tunes (not menthol ones)

Ri'aK [userpic]

39 degrees celsius at the moment and apparently it will get hotter at the weekend. (It was 45C a couple of weeks ago.)
We have martian soil outside our apartment. I bought a few cans of Lager for equivalent of 35p each, a bottle of wine for 1.00ukp and a bottle of Amaretto for 3.30ukp :-)
Still haven't found a good resteraunt near our apartment though :-(

Ri'aK [userpic]

By this time tomorrow I shall be in Crete. Been too busy to really get excited, and I'm going to miss darkscape_club. Oh well hope to see you in August!

In other news I am highly irritated after reading a anti-hoodie magazine article that contained the phrase (from memory) "some say that wearing hoods is a natural reaction to the increasing amount of CCTV in our society, I say oh dear where you caught stealing car stereos, poor thing"

Or to paraphrase "only the guilty have anything to hide". Can't decide which is more annoying, the authors naivity or realising that I should support the right to wear hoodies despite hating them?

Ri'aK [userpic]

From http://www.whitehouse.org/news/2007/07/independence-day-07.asp

"On Independence Day we remember. We remember a great war. A war fought by a rag-tag band of scrappy insurgents, fighting against the occupying army of the most powerful Empire in the world. An Empire so arrogant and selfish, it thought it could lay claim to every corner of the earth, and snatch all the world’s resources for itself. An Empire so in love with itself, it thought is was God’s favourite, and believed itself duty-bound to jam its style of government and way of life down the throats of anyone who disagreed with it. Many said that the scrappy insurgents could never win, that the Empire would crush them like puny ants. But the rebels fought on, and their numbers grew, as citizen-soldiers dropped pitchforks and took up crude weapons to fight for their liberty and independence. These brave and determined fighters dispensed with the rules of warfare. They hid in the shadows, launching devastating attacks on the soft underbelly of their fearsome enemy. The Empire called them cowards and terrorists. But in the end, the Empire lost. Lost because of their undeserved entitlement. Lost because of their greed and laziness. Lost because their so-called divine leader – a dude named King George – was a stubborn warmonger who couldn’t accept that his ass had been whooped. Which wasn’t a big surprise really, since dumb old George only got to be in charge on account of he was related to some older, smarter guy with the same name."

Ri'aK [userpic]

My score on The Greek Mythology Personality Test:


(66% Extroversion, 100% Intuition, 0% Emotiveness, 61% Perceptiveness)

You are most like Daedalus. You are extremely clever and inventive, but your methods can be very unorthodox. When faced with a setback, you're more likely to try to defeat it with sheer determination, rather than finesse. You're argumentative, but don't tend to take debate personally (actually, it's fun for you, and most people don't understand that). Regardless, you are a wellspring of mechanical ingenuity, and would make a fantastic engineer or inventor.

You can be extremely loyal in relationships and freindships, and you're extremely professional. You're also pretty grumpy.

Famous people like you: Thomas Edison, James A. Garfield, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin
Steer Clear of: Hermes, Apollo, Icarus, Aphrodite
Seek out: Atlas, The Oracle, Prometheus

Link: The Greek Mythology Personality Test
(OkCupid Free Online Dating)

Ri'aK [userpic]

Ok so it started with an ill considered move on my part. I read "the Sun" editorial. I'm not proud of it but I was bored and it was the only thing to read while I was waiting for my food.

Apparently the S(c)u(m)n wants to call on our new PM* to "tear up the hated Bill of Human Rights" because all it does is "prevent our security forces from protecting us effectively."

Can we suspend it just for him? Just long enough to have him arrested with no cause, held with no charge or right to appeal and then force him to watch "V for Vendetta" twenty times without allowing him to sleep.

Wouldn't it be funny if we became a God-fearing totalitarian state because of fear of terrorists that want us to become a God-fearing totalitarian state? (**)

* Because the best way to defy terrorism is to get an unelected leader to change our fundamental rights and protections.

** Assuming the "terrorists", (aka incompetent idiots***), were actually Muslim extremists which I'm not sure has even been confirmed yet.

*** So nice to see the British media turning a botched job into successful terrorism!

Ri'aK [userpic]

A concerning bit of news this morning considering thebuffymonster is going to London next week, not to mention for my friends who live and work in the capital. According to MSN a bomb was found and diffused in the Haymarket street in central London.


I hope they actually meant "defused"...

Ri'aK [userpic]

Glenmorangie Single Malt port wood finish = Good!

Zonealarm when installing a software suite = Bad!

It's like having your own little conspiracy theorist sat on your system tray.

A program is attempting to use resources on your computer! You should pull the plug now! They can't hack you, virus you or install adware if you leave it off and put it in the corner of the room!

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