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November 2010
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Ri'aK [userpic]
Musings part 1

"Belief in an ultimate good is an anathema to morality, for finite amounts of evil are therefore as nothing in comparison and thus easily tolerated or quietly ignored."

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Unfortunately the presence of Ultimate evil will merely reinforce the fact that any finite amount of evil is infinitely preferable and therefore tolerable in comparison to said ultimate evil.

Well ultimate is infinate therefore whether its one source that is infinate or infinate sources that are finite, the sum total of the effect is that a finite number of finite evils are still insignificant next to the total.

Obviously Monotheism tends to go for this concept, which is also one of the great problems with monotheism as any finite amount of evil is justifiable if it ultimately serves infinate good. This is why scripture can command "thou shalt not kill" and also command that various crimes be punished by killing. The finite evil of one killing is nothing when compared to obeying infinate good.

However, there are many agnostics and patheists that also believe in infinate good or evil even if they do not require dieties.

I also do not subscribe to the concept of infinate good or evil as in my experience any concept with (unbound) infinities in tends to be choked with problems and inconsistencies.

I just like discussing philosophy :-)

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