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November 2010
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Ri'aK [userpic]
For those who haven't heard...

DarkscapE has been cancelled. General dwindling of numbers at Ret and a general apathy in the local scene principally to blame. My thanks to ChrisT, Doug and Neal for including me in this ride, I had some great times...

I've not given up on the idea of a Industrial/Goth night in Leicester, but I can't see how things can proceed now. After all if some of the best local DJs are fed up with the scene then how can you get the rest of them moving?

Well I'm not defeated yet, but it does look like going out to a decent night may need a farther trip afield now :-(


Now that Nightmare is on hiatus until they can find a new venue.

?? It was on at the Angel on Saturday, and I haven't heard that it won't be again in February. In fact I'm rather banking on it.

So what music are Ret playing now?
Nothing you like at all, or just some ok stuff?

We were definitely intending to go this time - it's been on the calendar since the pre-xmas one was cancelled.

I need to get out while I still can! Sulk.

Lets just face it no one supports there local scene anymore!! its a shame really.

worcester goths

heyhey - we're trying to get a nite set up in worcester - i know its a long way for you, but it seems to be getting harder and harder to get midlands area goths together, let alone setting up a club nite!

Anyways come and join our worcestergoths community as we could use all the connections we can get!