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November 2010
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Ri'aK [userpic]
As in spread all over?

A concerning bit of news this morning considering thebuffymonster is going to London next week, not to mention for my friends who live and work in the capital. According to MSN a bomb was found and diffused in the Haymarket street in central London.


I hope they actually meant "defused"...




I'm sure she'll be ok.

bit spooky: my office has barely, by a few metres, escaped being in the area which is now cordoned off (which includes Pret, damn them!). but it looks precautionary and things seem to be safe now. will nosey around at lunchtime.

They've fixed the spelling. That would certainly be a novel way of getting rid of a bomb. Very Doctor Who.

Angus reckons it was in honour of our new Prime Minister.

Would make sense.

I'm off to work to drive around northern central london now. :S

I rather like the idea of some crazy bomb disposal squad subliming a car and then wafting it out over the city like some kind of superheated art display.